A Gwake Engagement Might Be Happening in the Near Future

Taking cues from Rob Kardashian?

Sources tell Us Weekly that Blake Shelton might just be about ready to pop the question to his platinum-blonde love interest, Gwen Stefani.

“Blake could propose to Gwen very soon,” the insider tells Us Weekly. “Gwen is everything he wants.”

The source explains that Stefani and her three sons with her former husband, Gavin Rossdale, are a one-stop shop for all of Shelton’s domestic hopes and dreams. “With Gwen, Blake has the family life he’d hoped to have with Miranda,” they say. “Her kids love him as much as she does.”

Despite career obligations (i.e. current and future albums), the couple makes it work in the old fashioned way; through constant mobile communication. “Gwen texts Blake a million times a day,” says a second source. “But he doesn’t mind at all.”

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