WATCH: Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman Embark on Bizarre Manhunt in ‘The Family Fang’

Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman play siblings searching for their parents in The Family Fang, a new offbeat drama adapted from the book by Kevin Wilson.

The story follows a family who created performance art when the children were small, walking the line between humor and social commentary. Now grown, Annie (Kidman) and Baxter Fang (Bateman) are propositioned by their parents to help them create yet another performance art piece, which they refuse.

Soon, their parents have disappeared. The police suspect foul play, while Annie and Baxter suspect their parents’ disappearance to be yet another performance.

Regardless, they decide to find their parents themselves, forcing them to examine their strange childhood and their relationships with their parents. The trailer hints at an examination of what parents give to their children, whether they like it or not.

Check out the trailer above.