Coachella 2016: Everything You Need To Know About This Year’s Lineup

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This year’s lineup for Coachella has everyone talking. 

There are what seems like endless acts at this two-weekend music festival, and they all bring their own style. Artists range from electronic, to indie, to rap and hip-hop.

There are a few performers that everyone seems to be talking about. Calvin Harris is going to be the first ever DJ headliner, so he’s definitely making some history. There are also other highly anticipated DJs taking the stage, like Grimes, The Chainsmokers and Jack Ü.

The festival is also bringing together bands that everyone has been missing. The Guns N’ Roses performance is highly anticipated for all the classic rock fans. Hip-hop fans are more excited for Ice Cube’s performance and an N.W.A. reunion.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a music festival without the rumor of a surprise performance. Rumor has it that Kesha may be joining an artist on stage.

Check out the gallery to see more of the lineup for Coachella 2016!