Coco Austin Opens Up About Being Body Shamed When She Was Pregnant

The whole “not gaining enough weight” stigma during her pregnancy frustrated the hell out of Coco Austin.

Austin and rapper/actor husband Ice-T welcomed their adorable daughter, Chanel Nicole, last November, but throughout her pregnancy, the former fitness model was criticized by body-shaming trolls who thought she was only trying to stay skinny instead of letting her body gain pregnancy weight (she only gained 13 pounds).

Coco told People, “I didn’t really have a bump until the ninth month. I wanted the bump, and I wanted to feel like I was pregnant. It was really pissing me off because everyone was like, ‘Oh [you] have a surrogate’ or something. I was just frustrated with everyone’s comments. It wasn’t like I was going to the gym doing crunches.”

The reality TV star even began to doubt it herself. “I thought, ‘Maybe there is something wrong with me,’ ” she says. “So I went to the doctor every single week, asking her, ‘Are you sure I’m okay? Is my bump okay?’”

Her doctors explained to her that it was completely normal because her body was already in such great shape. “Athletes always have a harder time getting a larger bump because their abs are tighter than normal.”

It’s all in the past now, and Coco loves being a mom, posting all kinds of crazy cute pics of her baby girl on Instagram.

Photoshoot time for my lingerie and of course I got my sidekick with me

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The new mom beamed, “Just watching her grow every single day – you wake up in the morning and you see a little change in their face and little bit of alertness – and just to know that his little thing came out of me. I’m purely amazed what a blessing this is. It’s a miracle.”