Jennifer Aniston Admits She Was Intimidated By Co-Star Julia Roberts

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Celebrities get starstruck too, you know. 

Jennifer Aniston got real about what it’s like to work with Julia Roberts. The pair appear alongside one another in their new movie, Mother’s Day, and let’s just say that the Friends alum had a case of jitters while she was filming with the Pretty Woman actress. “It’s a different thing when you get to sort of work with them and then do what you both do together,” Aniston told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet on Wednesday (Apr.13, 2016). “You know what I mean?”

We do. But, despite the fact that the two are old pals — and worked together on an episode of Friends back in 1996 — Aniston was super intimidated. “I even flubbed in the first take, I believe, and called her ‘Julia’ instead of [her character’s name in the movie].”

Mother’s Day is out in theatres on Friday, April 29, and also stars Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, Shay Mitchell, Britt Robertson, and more.