WATCH: Nick Jonas Calls Julia Louis-Dreyfus Old in New ‘SNL’ Promo

Careful who you call old, Nick Jonas.

The singer appears in a new SNL promo with host Julia Louis-Dreyfus, where he nearly calls her what no woman in the world wants to be called. “You know, Nick, I was a cast member here back in 1982,” she tells Jonas, to which he responds, “Wow, so you’re old enough to be my –” But before he can say “mom,” the actress hilariously cuts him off and interjects with “biggest fan.”

Earlier in the promo, Aidy Bryant swoons over the 23-year-old, and basically warns Dreyfus to stay away from him because he already “says he loves me and I’m his wife.” But Jonas tells her, “I just said hi,” to which the comedian exclaims, “Well it was very real to me! Damn!”

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday, April, 16. Watch the hilarious promo above!