WATCH: Nick Jonas Is the Landscaper of Your Dreams in This ‘SNL’ Skit

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Nick Jonas Has Us in Chains
Crazy hot Nick Jonas is being crazy hot again...

Nick Jonas‘ arms have Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ attention.

In the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, the Veep actress went full Desperate Housewives, playing a PTA mom who’s been having a hot-and-heavy love affair with her brainless pool boy, Chad (Pete Davidson). However, after she ends her relationship with him, her sights are set on someone else — her new, muscly landscaper played by the “Close” singer.

“Where’s Philip?” Ms. Handler (Dreyfus) asks when she sees Toby (Jonas) mowing her lawn. “My uncle just hired me. I’m going to be doing your lawn now. I’m Toby,” he responds. She then smiles and says to herself, “I’m going to f–k that kid.”

Other highlights from Saturday’s (Apr. 16, 2016) episode include a Seinfeld reunion within a Hillary ClintonBernie Sanders debate and a performance with Tove Lo. Watch the hilarious SNL skit — and the landscaper of your dreams — above!