Anderson Cooper: ‘I Honestly Could Not Name One Good Justin Bieber Song’ 

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The Purpose singer and the reality TV star are apparently hooking up again.

Anderson Cooper is clearly not “Sorry” for shading the Biebs!

 The CNN anchor is doing the circuit right now to promote his new book The Rainbow Comes and Goes, which he co-wrote with his mother Gloria Vanderbilt, so he stopped by Jenny Hutt’s SiriusXM show where he decided to casually throw some shade at Justin Bieber, and celebrities in general!

When asked if he’s a fan of the “What Do You Mean?” singer, this is what Cooper said: “It’s funny, I honestly could not name one good Justin Bieber song but I will say I watched him do that CBS late night, James Corden, “Car Karaoke,” which I really like and I’ve watched both of the Bieber ones. I thought he came off very appealing and I thought it was a venue that worked well for him…”

The distinguished newsman also briefly discussed his experience interviewing other major celebs, and worked in a jab at all famous folk. “I tend not to see a lot of celebrities, I don’t hang out with celebrities. I honestly never know what to ask a celebrity. Like, I just really hate interviewing them unless they’re really interesting – like I did profile of Adele for 60 Minutes. And that was awesome and she’s great to hang out with. Eminem is a fascinating character – I’ve profiled him.  Generally people I’ve been actually been able to spend time with in some sort of interview I’ve enjoyed.”

We knew Anderson was a fearless journalist but it turns out he’s a fearless interviewee as well!