Kylie Jenner’s Lip Gloss Slammed for Poor Quality

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What a beauty blunder.

Kylie Jenner, whose popular line of lip products have been selling out like crazy, just hit her first business snag when she sent out defective brushes with her new collection of lip glosses. According to fans who bought the product, which was released earlier this month, the applicator that were frayed and unusable the moment they came out of the box.

The biggest criticism perhaps came from Jeffree Star, a makeup pro with a cult following who has a cosmetics line of his own that offers similar lip stains similar to those found in Jenner’s brand. Star shared a photo of the lip glosses he received from Kylie Cosmetics and complained about the lack of quality control.

Other makeup fans also tweeted their own personal horror stories with the product, writing that the brush was already damaged when it was taken out of the box. 

Though Jenner briefly addressed the issue on Snapchat days before the Star’s public complaint and told fans that a new wand would be coming out in the next launch, she did not mention anything about rectifying the situation with old customer. 

Star also tweeted about this, writing:

Since then, Jenner’s makeup company also shared statement regarding the lip glosses.

This is an old video from snapchat for anyone who missed it. I care a lot about the quality of my products. As you can see from my matte lips.. I changed my entire matte formula in the first month to be less dry and thick and I changed the wand to be more comfortable because I listen to you guys, and I love perfection. So good or bad, I love hearing your feedback. When I saw the problem with my lip gloss brushes I stopped all production and changed it. Life is a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes. Only a small amount of the old brushes were sold and I can now confirm that next week we are sending new brushes/glosses to EVERYONE that ordered on 4/1 😊… Only my new brush has been available since 4/1 and on the second release we sold over 200,000 of them ..😱 so that’s amazing Love you guys more than you know. I’m always listening. -Kylie Ps. No need to email. We are automatically sending to everyone!

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