WATCH: Taylor Swift Rocks Out to Jimmy Eat World in New Apple Music Ad

Apple Music is definitely in Taylor Swift’s squad now.

In a new commercial, released on Monday (Apr. 18, 2016), the singer relives her middle school days by rocking out to Jimmy Eat World’s 2001 hit, “The Middle.” This ad may not feature her falling down on a treadmill, but it does see the 25-year-old lip-syncing in the mirror as she gets ready for a night out.

Wearing a black tank top and using a lip gloss brush as her mic, the “New Romantics” singer dances her heart out around her bathroom after applying on her signature red lip. However, missing from the 1-minute video is Swift’s new, platinum blonde hair.

Considering she and Apple weren’t on the best of terms last year, their newfound relationship has come a long way. Prior to her involvement in the company’s new ads, the singer published an open letter to Apple criticizing their new streaming service.

We’re glad they kissed and made up! Watch Apple Music’s new ad above.

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