WATCH: Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Get Cozy in New Trailer for ‘Equals’

Nicholas Hoult plus Kristen Stewart Equals some seriously hot scenes!

Today, the film’s newest trailer was released showcasing a drab, dismal world where emotions have been genetically written out of human DNA, making falling in love a big no no.

Nia and Silas (Stewart and Hoult, respectively) are members of “The Collective” which is a community without crime but there is an undercurrent of eeriness. This seemingly peaceful world is upended when a disease infiltrates the population. Both are stricken with the mysterious ailment, causing them to fall in love, something no one has experienced for many years.

The trailer for the science fiction film is a collage of harsh light and ethereal electronic tunes. The two actors have never looked better in this stark, futuristic landscape.

Equals arrives in theaters on July 15, 2016.