Christian Slater Claims His Father Tried to Kill Him Before He Was Born

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This is a very serious allegation.

Christian Slater filed court documents against a defamation lawsuit from his father, Thomas Knight Slater (aka Michael Hawkins), claiming that his mother has provided ample personal evidence that Thomas Knight is suffering from manic depressive schizophrenia. The actor says that his father was taken to Bellevue Hospital in a straightjacket in 1972 after threatening to kill himself and his mother, adding that Thomas also pushed his mother into oncoming traffic while he was in the womb. To reiterate, these allegations come directly from his mother.

According to TMZ, Christian also included copies of postcards from his father that say that he wouldn’t have been successful without him. “I take FULL CREDIT,” reads one. “I’m the vital ingredient.”

Thomas sued Christian for $20 million in damages after he discussed his father’s schizophrenia in Interview magazine.