Jennifer Garner Chartered a Marching Band for Her 44th Birthday

Celebrities: they’re almost nothing like us.

Jennifer Garner rang in her 44th year of existence over the weekend with a bang, which is the most logical way to lift one’s spirits after reconciling that the man with whom you share property and children is a grown Batman super fan (cheer up, Ben Affleck — you’ll get ‘em with the next one).

Us Weekly reports that Garner’s birthday celebrations included ” her favorite people, plenty of balloons, a marching band, laughter and love”. The actress attended church in the morning with her children before Affleck took them off her hands so that she could get ready for the soirée in the evening, which was held in her “Brentwood nabe” in Los Angeles.

Head over to Us Weekly to see photos of the marching band and the festivities…