Mature Person of Influence, Justin Bieber, Addresses His Controversial Dreadlocks

Penny for your thoughts, or is that overpaying?

Justin Bieber has finally confronted the situation of controversy that’s attached to his head in the form of white boy dreadlocks. There have been think pieces upon think pieces written about how he is appropriating black culture (again) — not to mention, they’re just kinda Chris Kirkpatrick circa 1998, which is a place that exactly no one should want to be, sartorially-speaking anyway.

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Now, Bieber has taken to the box on his phone to address this matter like a grown and woke adult in this video captioned, “Being weird is fun’ if u r not weird I don’t like you.”

Being weird is fun’ if u r not weird I don’t like you

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Now are Ü happy about that 60-second video Instagram update?