Here’s What Piers Morgan Is Upset About Now

Let’s welcome the Beckham family to the dais.

Last week, David and Victoria Beckham shared videos of their talented son, Brooklyn Beckham, singing like a little angel. If you haven’t seen any of them by now, let Brooks take you away:

While some are comparing his voice to that of a young Justin Bieber, Piers Morgan is giving a side-eye to Brooklyn’s parents for sharing their home videos.

“You get these celebrity parents and they bang on about protecting their kids and privacy and so on and there they are Instagramming this 11-year-old to gazillions of people trying to make him a star like Brooklyn [Beckham]’s now a photographer,” said Morgan on a visit to Good Morning Britain. “Can’t they just be kids, really? When they leave school, [they can] make their own decisions. If they want to go into this kind of thing, then great.”

“This, to me, it’s shameless.”

Still, Posh Spice and the soccer player continue to share videos of Brooklyn performing, which include his rendition of “Cups” from Pitch Perfect.