So Spoiled: ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Castle’ and More! 

Warning! Spoilers!

Dying to watch the next episode of Vampire Diaries or Grey’s Anatomy? You are not alone! We’ve rounded up a few quotes from insiders on what to expect next on some of TV’s most watched shows. Let’s get cracking…

Worried if Ben and Bailey are headed for divorce on Grey’s Anatomy?

“If they were my friends, I wouldn’t not be worried, because it’s the most significant situation that they’ve been in in terms of the jeopardy to their relationship,” Jason George said. “They weathered her OCD and they’ve had arguments and fights, but this is the first time that it was to the core about what they love about each other that gets challenged. Anything’s within the realm of possibility at this point.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Are you a diehard Castle fan?

“Episode 20 is our nod to Shakespeare and our nod to Hollywood action stars going to do Broadway with mixed results,” EP Alexi Hawley revealed. “Jewel Staite came to play with us as the director of this doomed Shakespeare play.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Loving Rush Hour? How about Pretty Little Liars Janel Parrish? She’ll be appearing in an upcoming episode!

“She plays someone who’s in Witness Protection, and we’re trying to keep her alive because some people are out to kill her. That’s a very exciting show,” actor Justin Hires shared. [TV Line]

Can’t wait to learn more about Bonnie on Vampire Diaries?

“One of the biggest bridgebacks that we owe is the story of how Bonnie ended up in the asylum and how the hell she and Enzo ended up as a couple and that’s episode 19, which I love,” said showrunner Julie Plec. “It’s a really great Bonnie-Enzo-centric love story episode, and it’s fun to watch.” [Entertainment Weekly]