‘The Flash’ Star Teddy Sears Sheds Light on Speedster Villain, Zoom

How did Zoom become Zoom?

Season 2 of The CW’s The Flash  returns on Tuesday, and we get to delve further into the making of this sinister bad guy, played by Teddy Sears, and Zoom’s need for speed.

It was revealed at the mid-season finale that Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon was indeed “Jay Garrick,” the seemingly do-gooder helping out on the Earth-2 – and now that the secrets out, Flash aka Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is determined to stop Zoom.

TVLine.com spoke with Sears, who explained fans will be getting a bit of Zoom’s backstory in tonight’s episode.

Sears said, “It’s mirror image to Barry Allen’s backstory. These two had a similar event happen to them at virtually the same age in their childhood. Barry went one direction, Hunter went the other. I can describe it as parallel events in the lives of these two kids which help form their identity going forward, one using his abilities for good, the other one for… not-so-good, to put it mildly. We’re going to see that play out in this episode: Why is Zoom the way he is, how did he become this guy?”

And why does he want to be fast? “We won’t know exactly why after this particular episode, but there is something,” said Sears. “It is not purely vanity. There is a very specific reason why he needs this speed. But it’s funny, as we head towards the finale, lots of different things that will come to light. We’ll see that he wants this speed, needs this speed, for a number of different reasons, all personal.”

Read more of the interview at TVLine and click on the gallery above to see some set pics of Flash and Zoom battling it out!