Jessica Chastain Says Chris Hemsworth Is ‘Perfect’ and a ‘Great Kisser’

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“It’s kind of annoying actually.”

Jessica Chastain has starred in movies with some of the most famous men in Hollywood, but not even she is immune to the charms of Chris Hemsworth. Chastain stopped by Ellen to talk about her latest movie, The Huntsman: Winter’s War and she couldn’t help but gush about her costar.

“Not only is he just perfect to look at. He’s like a foot taller than me so he’s probably 6’5′, he’s really funny and he’s got the most beautiful, perfect family and he’s a great Dad. It’s just like ugh,” Chastain told Ellen Degeneres.

And just in case, you were wondering, yes, Hemsworth is a great kisser. “He’s perfect, annoyingly. Elsa’s [Pataky] a lucky woman.”

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