The Kardashian Report: Rob Kardashian Shares His View of Blac Chyna’s Undercarriage, But Here Are Photos of Iceland

Views from the 6, or something like it.

So much Kardashian news, so little time…

Rob Kardashian is so proud of his personal trainer’s assets that he decided to share the screenshot from their FaceTime session that nobody really asked for, and yet — here we are.

“BootyTime,” he cleverly captioned the photo of Blac Chyna’s butt and everything else in between.


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Please note the face of a gratified sock entrepreneur and fiancé.

CREDIT: Instagram/Rob Kardashian

Anyway, launch the gallery below to view a roundup of photos from Kanye West, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Jonathan Cheban’s trip to Iceland as a palate cleanser for your eyeballs. This will heal your vision so long as you don’t recall their lethal encounter with a farting driver.

Rob Kardashian took a few notes from Tyga and decided to gift his lady a brand new luxury car. Blac Chyna shared a picture of the purple Lamborghini on SnapChat, posing next to her fiancé with the caption, “Thank you baby.”

Rob Kardashian buys Blac Chyna a Car
CREDIT: SnapChat