WATCH: Oprah Winfrey Surprises Weight Watchers Group, Makes Them Lose Their Minds, Gets a Sticker for Showing up

Pass the bread, O.

Oprah Winfrey, lover of bread and surprises, showed up to her first real-life Weight Watchers meeting unannounced and caused an entire group of focused individuals to lose all control with her sheer presence. The spiritual guide live-streamed her entrance into the meeting on Facebook to capture the reactions of her peers, which might only compare to the arrival of the Pope or of Bruce Springsteen at a New Jersey deli.

Exhibit A:

CREDIT: Facebook/Oprah

Exhibit B:

CREDIT: Facebook/Oprah

Exhibit C:

CREDIT: Facebook/Oprah

Winfrey was given a “bravo stamp”, which signifies a milestone accomplishment, for attending her first in-person meeting. She has been coursing through her journey with online consult since she’s, well, you know, Oprah.

Oh — Gayle was there, too. She got a sticker as well for smashing her Weight Watchers goals, having dropped over twenty pounds since starting the program in September. You go, Gayle!

CREDIT: Facebook, Oprah

Watch the hysteria ensue in the video below.