Your Netflix Fix: Naomi Watts Set to Star in New Series, ‘F Is for Family’ Renewed and More! 

Original 'Gilmore Girls' Producer Sues Warner Bros. over Netflix Revival
Gavin Polone, an original producer on the Gilmore Girls series, is suing Warner Bros.

The streaming giant has a slew of exciting things in the works. Get caught up!

The geniuses at Netflix are on a quest to provide more content than any channel or streaming service, and let’s just say they are succeeding. They have countless new projects in the works and we’ve rounded up all the ones that sound promising…

Naomi Watts is headed to television! Wait, is Netflix technically television? Because…nevermind! The actress will be starring in a ten-part psychological thriller titled Gypsy. Watts will play Jean Holloway, a therapist with unorthodox methods that lead her to trouble. The first two episodes will be helmed by Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson. [/Film]

Jazzed for Netflix’s forthcoming Marvel series Iron Fist? Well the first production photos have been released, teasing Game of ThronesFinn Jones looking shoeless and bohemian in the streets of New York. Take a peek:

To the uninitiated, Jones plays Danny Rand, a boy raised in the mysterious city of K’un-L’un. But as an adult he returns to the Big Apple to avenge his family. [The Verge]

Fans of Bill Burr’s animated series F Is for Family, get excited! The curse-word-laden homage to the ‘70s has been granted a second season. The comedian and co-creator of the show shared a clip recently to celebrate the show’s renewal.

Fair warning, this clip might be the most NSFW thing in the whole NSFW universe.

[Movie News Guide]

Milo Ventimiglia, better known as Jess on Gilmore Girls, shared a fun candid from the set yesterday! The pic also includes his father figure on the show Luke (played by Scott Patterson). Between them is Sean Gunn, who plays the eccentric Kirk Gleason. Ventimiglia captioned the tweet. “Hello from the past, wait present, no you’ll see us in the future.”

[Daily Mail]