WATCH: Doug Hutchison Reveals Courtney Stodden Was Pursued by Politicians and Sheikhs Prior to Marriage

A long time ago, Doug Hutchison wasn’t the only man in Courtney Stodden’s love life.

In an upcoming episode of Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, Hutchison, who infamously married Stodden when she was only 16, opened up about the early stages of their relationship during a group therapy session. Speaking candidly, the 55-year-old actor revealed that Stodden was being courted by other celebrities other than himself when he was just getting to know the young teen.

“After I found out about Courtney’s age, I had a really frank talk with [Stodden’s mother] Krista, and I said, ‘Listen, I don’t know if you know what’s going on here, but your daughter and I are falling for each other,'” Hutchison said. “And Krista said, ‘You’re a good person, and I don’t have any problem with you and Courtney continuing to explore this together.'”

“Courtney was being courted by tons of men closer to her age, wealthier than me, more famous — from sports figures to politicians to sheikhs in the Middle East,” he continued.

Previously, Stodden, now 21, herself told Celebuzz that her own mother had fallen in love with Hutchison. The reality star also noted that her mom had also fallen for her other boyfriends in the past.

“She was close to me and she would say, ‘What my daughter feels, I feel.’ I feel like she started to feel the love that I have for my husband and I think, in her mind, there were some boundaries beginning to get crossed and she began to fall in love with him as well,” she said.

“She was just very vulnerable and had these feelings for my husband,” she told us. “My husband wasn’t the first. I’ve had past relationships where she kinda felt she had feelings for past boyfriends.”