WATCH: Matt Damon Trashes Las Vegas in the Trailer for ‘Jason Bourne’

Jason Bourne is back!

 The trailer for the fifth chapter in the Bourne series was releasing yesterday, promising some explosive action in the summer tentpole. Matt Damon returns to the role that made him a superstar, with a stellar supporting cast backing him up.

Set several years after the event of The Bourne Ultimatum, the new film finds the former CIA operative drawn out of retirement to help take down international terrorists, while also facing his own demons.

The trailer features the leading man racing through the streets of Athens, knocking out tough guys and wreaking havoc on the streets of Las Vegas. Damon looks great once again trekking around the globe and taking on bad guys.

The cast also includes Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel, Ato Essandoh and Julia Stiles.

Jason Bourne arrives in theaters July 29. 2016.