What Feud? Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna Have ‘Been Best Friends the Whole Time’

This isn’t awkward at all…

As soon as the news that Rob Kardashian was dating sworn Kardashian/Jenner frenemy, Blac Chyna, hit the internet, rumors began flying about the various feuds their relationship caused. Khloe Kardashian allegedly kicked Rob out of her house, Kylie Jenner felt betrayed that her brother would date her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, and the whole family just wanted Chyna to go away.

Well, it seems like everyone may have jumped the gun on those feud rumors, because according to Jenner and Chyna, there was never a feud to begin with. Earlier today (Apr. 21, 2016), Jenner and Chyna posted pictures hanging out with each other on SnapChat. But they aren’t just hanging out with, Jenner insists they’ve “been best friend the whole time.”

CREDIT: SnapChat

Chyna echoed a similar sentiment, posting a mirror selfie with Jenner with the caption, “Hanging out with my lil sis.”

CREDIT: SnapChat

The “best friends” even swapped faces.

CREDIT: SnapChat

Any Kardashian/Jenner fan knows there’s really no telling what Jenner and Chyna are trying to pull off, but we suspect a full blown Kris Jenner plan is in the works here. Or who know, maybe everyone really does just get along…