Caitlyn Jenner Speaks Out Against Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bills

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Caitlyn Jenner has a few things to say to lawmakers.

The Olympian, who’s been documenting her life after her transition since last year, recently blogged about anti-LGBT legislatures “that make it easier to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.” In the lengthy entry, the 66-year-old encouraged people to speak up and help protect the rights of those in the LGBT community, specifically transgender women who are forced to use the men’s restroom.

“There’s a lot of news out there about bills in different state legislatures that are good or bad for the LGBT community. Lately, they’ve been mostly not-so-good bills,” she wrote. “Most of these bills attempt to make it illegal for transgender people to use public bathrooms that match the gender they live every day. Using the restroom is something we all need to do, but these so-called ‘bathroom bills’ are designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, for transgender people to simply go about their daily lives.”

“We all want safety and privacy in public bathrooms. But these anti-LGBT bills, like the ones in North Carolina and Mississippi, actually make us less safe, not more safe,” she continued. “They open the door to abuse, aggressive and confrontational behavior in bathrooms, and encourage strangers to demand that women and girls prove that they are actually female in order to use the restroom. No one wants that.”

She added, “If one of these harmful bills is introduced in your city or state, please take a moment and listen to the stories of actual transgender people who live near you. Let’s help their voices are heard over the fear mongering from the other side. We have already seen the difference it makes!”

However, Jenner also recognized those who are helping the LGBT community and fighting to end discrimination.

“There are some good bills out there. In Massachusetts, advocates are working to pass a bill that protects transgender people from discrimination in public spaces,” the penned. “We need more bills like the one in Massachusetts – bills which ensure that every transgender person, no matter what state they’re growing up in, can go to school safely and get the education they deserve. We need to make sure they can put that education to good use by getting a job and making a living for themselves and supporting their families. We need to make sure they can buy a home and go out to a restaurant or a movie theater without facing harassment. And yes, we need to make sure those trans kids – and all transgender people – can use the restrooms that align with how they live every day.”

“Updating our laws to protect people from discrimination – and preventing laws that harm LGBT people – is important to me, she concluded. “How you’re treated shouldn’t depend on geography – our country is better than that.”