Celebuzz’d 009: Wash Your Twitter Fingers, Plus a Visit from Shaun Ross

Celebuzz’d Episode 008: Jaime King and #Brands
Remember the time that Justin Timberlake tried to save MySpace?

PSA: “Delete it fat” is dead.

A few weeks ago on this very podcast, we validated in an outline of celebrity conspiracy theories that nothing is real and everything is a lie. As it turns out, an entire amusement park wasteland has built on this very concept, and it’s called Hollywood, USA.

In order to be a celebrity, one must have a mobile device inextricably connected to their hands at all times. The accounts from which they tweet, ‘book, ‘gram, and so on must be verified with a little blue check, which builds on a star’s already-burgeoning pressure to be picture perfect, with or without the addition of a filter.

Imagine the thought process that goes into curating a constant stream of likable #content on the scale of a celeb. “Should I Instagram this photo of avocado toast to show my fans that I’m basic too?” “When’s the last time that I sent out a tweet with a link to my album on iTunes?” “Should I create a personal app, or is it all about the Emoji

In this way, social media is the inverse of paparazzi: DIY, native publicity curated by the fingers who need it the most. It feels less invasive than a hoard of shutterbugs, but is it overexposure? Further, does this direct connection critics in addition to the fans contribute to the likelihood of a star burning out too soon? Though committing to celebrity forfeits a portion of privacy, it doesn’t create an impenetrable shield between the death threats and the person behind the screen.

Case in point: wash your Twitter fingers and scrub behind your ears.

Celebuzz’d host Mia Lardiere, Celebuzz Community Manager Matt Russoniello, and Christine Imarenezor, VIBE’s Managing Editor and Social Media Manager discuss celebrities in the age of social media in this week’s podcast, coming from the perspectives of those who work inside Hollywood’s Twitter jungle. We consider the memes, analyze how an entire empire can be built on a key Snapchat account, and remind you that 140 characters is just enough to damage someone else behind a computer screen.

But first, Mia chats with model, actor and over all badass Shaun Ross, who you might recognize from Beyoncé‘s “Pretty Hurts” music video.


Ross recalls how his mother inspired his own ferocity from a young age and explains his good-natured approach to social media through his #InMySkinIWin campaign that promotes confidence in a fight against online bullying.

“Social media has become so helpful and detrimental to the world in it’s own way because it’s not being used the right way,” says Ross. “People are using their social platforms for other reasons other than helping people. It’s more so, ‘Look at my butt!’, ‘Look at my lips!’, ‘Look at my new cheeks! It’s nothing that is helpful.”

Mia and Shaun also play “The Penis Game”, so make sure to tune all the way in.

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