So, Is Beyoncé Throwing Some Shade Jay Z’s Way in ‘Lemonade’?

Fans are in a tizzy about their relationship.

While Beyoncé‘s Lemonade is an amazing collection of powerhouse songs that she dropped on fans Saturday, the superstar singer is definitely singing about some man cheating on her and how that has affected her.

With lyrics like “looking at my watch he should have been home. I regret the day I put that ring on,” it’s hard not to make the connection to the infidelity rumors that have plagued Beyoncé’s marriage to Jay Z.

Many took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the matter:

Jay Z has yet to publicly comment on Beyoncé’s bombshell of an album, but it’s clear from the HBO music special that the two are very much in love, as the “visual album” showed particularly tender moments between the two while she sings “Sandcastles.”

Guess we’ll have to see how this shakes out.