The Reviews Are In! Find Out What Everyone Else Is Saying About Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’

Beyoncè Drops 'Lemonade' on HBO And It's Her Most Raw, Personal Album Yet
Beyoncè's new album "Lemonade" is pretty freaking amazing.

We love it, but what about others?

The general consensus about Beyoncé‘s sixth album, Lemonade, which she dropped Saturday night with an HBO music special, is that it’s a powerhouse. Read some of the reviews below!

“Marital strife smolders, explodes and uneasily subsides on Lemonade, the album Beyoncé flash-released on Saturday night.” – New York Times

“Beyoncé released Lemonade on HBO, which turned out to be a captivating 12-track visual album that immediately made the world graciously bow down.” – Huffington Post

“In contrast to 2013’s luxorious BeyoncéLemonade is very much about romantic strife…” – TIME

“Lemonade tell us that she’s engaged in the national conversation on race, class, gender and feminism, even though she does so from a vantage point of being an immensely talented first among equals.” – Rolling Stone

“Once again Beyoncé has broken the mold of a traditional album release.” – L.A. Times

“So there’s Lemonade, the visual album, whatever that is. (By the way, it’s powerful, and feminist, and unapologetically black, and transfixing, and gorgeous, and assured, and weird, and confusing, and dumb, and groundbreaking.) But hey: Is the music any good?” – The Daily Beast

“The end result might be too avant-garde for some, but it is wonderful to see a woman as powerful as Beyoncé pushing boundaries and giving the public something to devour and think about that is truly worthy of their time.” – Forbes

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