Twitter Drags Piers Morgan After Saying He Prefers the ‘Old’ Beyonce

Here's What Piers Morgan Is Upset About Now
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But, who even asked you?

This weekend, Beyonce blessed us with Lemonade, the visual album we didn’t even know we needed. While Jay Z’s seemingly alleged infidelity was what got everyone talking, the singer was applauded for using her platform to talk about race and gender in a way she’s never really done in the past. Two days later, everyone is still soaking up the gloriousness that is Lemonade, everyone that is, except Piers Morgan.

On Monday (Apr. 25, 2016), Morgan dedicated his weekly Daily Mail column to the visual album, and couldn’t help but put his foot in his mouth. In the piece, which we won’t be linking to, Morgan admits that while he likes some of the songs on the album, he much prefers the “old” Beyonce. Why you ask? Oh because the “new” Beyonce, “wants to be seen as black woman political activist first and foremost.”


But because the internet is always such an evil place, Morgan was promptly dragged on Twitter for his completely asinine remarks.

And with that, back to regularly scheduled programming. Piers who?