Shia LaBeouf Reaches Pinnacle Film Student Status with Interview Published in Poetic Verse

Even Stevens Shia is dead and gone.

If you thought that Shia LaBeouf filming Shia LaBeouf watching a marathon of Shia LaBeouf movies was just as self-aware as it could get, you’re about to be blown away by the mystique and malleability of LaBeouf’s words. Complex published an interview with the actor and filmmaker following the Tribeca Film Festival debut of LoveTrue, which he executive-produced, written entirely in the style of poetry.

In exchange for a cigarette, LaBeouf offered the following commentary on the happenings in his life and career.

Complex inquired, “How did you become creative partners with Alma [Har’el, director]? What’s that relationship like?”

He responded,

“I wrote her a fan letter
it’s love”

“Did you have a particular connection to any of the film’s subjects? If so, did you meet them before or after filming?”

“we’re all cut from the same cloth I’ve been watching them from afar
for a few years now
it’s been quite powerful
Both w/ distance
& to be in the presence of
These people are magical
And extraordinarily strong
It’s humbling”

Read the epic Q&A in its entirety over on Complex.