So Spoiled: A Taste of Things to Come on ‘NCIS,’ ‘Quantico’ and More! 

Warning! Spoilers!

Want to know what’s going to happen next on your favorite TV show? We’ve rounded up some tasty tidbits teasing upcoming events on Quantico, The Flash and more. Here we go!

Are you a fan of NCIS? If so, you’ve probably heard that Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony DiNozzo, is leaving the show after this season. So, the question is: are they going to kill his character?

“In the world of NCIS, nothing is absurd,” executive producer Gary Glasberg said. “I think the fact that Michael [Weatherly] is in the finale tells whether he takes a bullet in it or not. But we are not afraid of doing the unexpected and some of that certainly comes into play in this episode. I think it’s fair to say people should watch!” [Entertainment Weekly]

Dying to know who the Man in the Iron Mask is on The Flash?

“…I didn’t know who he was until [filming] the finale,” said Teddy Sears, who plays Zoom. “Some of the actors will tell you, ‘We had ideas about who it is,’ but if they did, they knew a lot more than me! But [his identity] will be revealed, and I think it will be very satisfying to viewers.” [TV Line]

Need to know how this season of Legends of Tomorrow will end?

“It’s probably unsurprising to hear that they will have to go to the ends of time itself to take down Vandal Savage,” EP Andrew Kreisberg said. “It’s been a year-long journey for the audience and for the team. We’ve posited him as the worst big bad that any of these shows have come up with. It’s going to take all of them and maybe a sacrifice here or there to be able to stop him.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of finales, here’s some info on how the show’s creators plan to finish Quantico this season.

“Yes, Rick Cosnett will be back in the season finale, but whether that’s via flashback or as a zombie (What? You never know!) remains to be seen,” EW’s Natalie Abrams wrote. “But I can also reveal that he’s not the only familiar face returning in the season ender!” [Entertainment Weekly]