Jake Gyllenhaal: Donald Trump ‘Could Be Dangerous’ If Elected

The actor is worried about the possible election of The Donald.

Jake Gyllenhaal recent spoke with Sky News about what he admires about the real estate mogul, as well as his reservations concerning a Trump administration.

“I think, particularly on the side of Trump, he excites a kind of pre-adolescent in me,” Gyllenhaal said. “There’s an anger and a frustration and an understanding that we’re in a place that we want to move from.”

But the Demolition star clarified that, although he relates to Trump’s often not-so-mature rhetoric, the commander in chief needs to have a steadier hand.

“But … I want an adult in that position, so as it’s relatable. I don’t necessarily fully agree with it, and I think it could be dangerous.”

Gyllenhaal is currently in Massachusetts filming the Boston Marathon drama Stronger. Check out some set photos above!