This Week in K-Pop: TWICE, Seventeen and VIXX Release New Music Videos, and Much More

Last Week in K-Pop
NCT U Make a Killer Debut, Conan O'Brien Goes K-Pop with JYP and Steven Yeun

Curious about K-pop but don’t know where to start? Longtime veteran of the most interesting genre in music? Just an all-around happy-go-lucky music lover in general? Well, you’ve come to the right place because it’s an exciting time in the world of K-pop.

Since we at Celebuzz! love any and all music, every week we’ll be taking a look back at the best things that happened in K-Pop. This week and last week’s highlights include new music videos from a number of groups like Twice, Vixx, Seventeen, Lee Hi, Lovelyz, and many more; news on BEAST member Hyunseung and former 2NE1 member Minzy; and more.


Nine-member group Twice are back with a new song “Cheer Up” off their second mini-album Page Two, released on April 25. Watch their cheerleading-inspired video below.


Coinciding with the release of their very first studio album Love&Letter (for which they sold 150,000 copies in just pre-sales) on April 25, Seventeen have a new music video for their track “Pretty U.” In the video, they hang out at a bowling alley and get rowdy.


VIXX’s newest music video “Dynamite” off their fifth studio album Zelos (released April 18) is here. They’re already swooped up two music show wins: MBC MUSIC Show Champion and SBS MTV The Show

Watch their live performance on The Show below:

Lee Hi

Lee Hi’s new song “My Star” from her second album Seoulite is just as catchy and cute as her other new song “Hold My Hand.”


“Destiny” is the new song from Lovelyz, fresh off their second mini-album A New Trilogy (released April 25).


History released the performance version music video for “Queen,” and it’s amazing. You’re sure to be at once mesmerized and addicted to their dance moves (as well as the song) after watching this video. “Queen” is the title song off their fifth mini-album Him.


BEAST’s Hyunseung has officially left the group. The group’s label Cube Entertainment officially confirmed the news on April 19 after months of speculation and rumors that he would indeed be leaving, and controversy over certain of his actions, lack of participation and attitude. Cube Entertainment remarked:

As of today, Jang Hyunseung has officially withdrawn from BEAST, and the group has been reorganized to consist of five members: Yoon Doojoon, Lee Gikwang, Yang Yoseop, Yong Junhyung, and Son Dongwoon.Jang Hyunseung would like to focus on his own music career as a soloist and not as a member of BEAST.



4Minute have released a very one-of-a-kind music video for their hit song “Canvas.” Shot as a virtual reality (VR is soon to be all the rage), it’s quite an experience.


The boys of BTS are back with “Young Forever,” and this is just the first of the three new music videos that were promised to be released.


Despite numerous articles reporting that former 2NE1 member Minzy had a new agency just weeks after it was reported that she was parting ways with the group and YG Entertainment, the reports are untrue. In fact, both Minzy’s and YG’s teams were surprised by the reports. Her representative commented, “Since the articles on her departure from 2NE1 were published, we have received many calls from various places but we are not actively searching for an agency” and “it is not proper or us to decide on what to do next at the present moment.”



New band NCT U have been promoting their hot track “The 7th Sense,” and made their official debut stage in Korea at KBS Music Bank on April 15. Watch their Inkigayo performance here.


Yesung, from Super Junior, released his solo debut album Here I Am on April 19, 2016. Below is the music video for his emotional ballad “Here I Am.”


IOI were the guest hosts on the April 26 episode of Sugar Man, where they gave a live performance of “Pick Me.”

A Pink

In celebration of the group’s fifth anniversary, A Pink have dropped the music video (taken from their various concerts) for their track “The Wave.”


A Pink member Eunji also released a music video of her song “Hopefully sky” from her first solo mini-album Dream.


Ten-member boy group UP10TION have put out a new music video for their track “Attention,” and it’s certainly attention-grabbing.


Here’s the fun music video for former Tiny G member Mintty’s debut solo song “Already Go Lady.”

Mighty Mouth

The duo Mighty Mouth have released their cameo-filled music video for “Nice 2 Meet U,” which is produced produced by Block B’s Zico and features Soya.

Park Boram

Park Boram makes her comeback with the acoustic and poppy “Dynamic Love.”