Chris Hemsworth Pokes Fun at ‘Captain America: Civil War’ for Not Being Included

Having a long day? We have a feeling this video will rescue your mood…

Chris Hemsworth, best known as the Norse god Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was not included in the ensemble cast of the newest superhero tentpole Captain America: Civil War, and he is not happy about it!

Yesterday Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors of the new film, released a video in which Hemsworth manages to call out the filmmakers for leaving him out while also doing some exercise.

“Hey, guys,” he says while doing pull-ups. “You know, it’s funny. Everyone keeps asking me, ‘Are you Team Cap? Are you Team Iron Man?’ Pffft! Who cares? I mean, where was the invite for me and Hulk? You just leave the two strongest, biggest Avengers out of this, you do? Is this the one where the kids just have a scrap on their own and we just sit inside? Pathetic!”


“Maybe I’m not worthy,” Hemsworth says to himself, doubtfully. “Maybe I can’t even pick up the hammer anymore.” Then, someone tosses him his signature weapon, which he catches with ease. Oh, and he does a one-armed pull-up while holding it.

So yeah, if there was ever any doubt, the new film will definitely be lacking in the Hemsworth department. Thankfully he’ll be donning his cape again soon, as Thor: Ragnorak goes into production this summer.