Rich Model Gisele Bundchen Recalls the Time She Had to ‘Order Cheap Food’ and ‘Split the Bill’

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Gisele Bundchen
CREDIT: FameFlynet

Life is so hard for the rich and pretty.

Ridiculously good-looking person Gisele Bundchen is reflecting on the so-called tougher days of her life. While speaking with People, the fashion icon, who is currently happily married to NFL star Tom Brady with two beautiful children, claims she was bit of a loner when she was a runway model. (Bundchen officially retired from the catwalk in 2015.)

“I never enjoyed partying much and rarely went out, so I wasn’t the most popular girl,” the 35-year-old Brazilian stunner says. “I had very few friends but the ones I had were so supportive and loyal. We were all young and from different parts of the world trying to make it in the big city.”

In order to survive as a new model in the industry, Bundchen says she had to — gasp! — do what us plebes do everyday of our lives, including splitting the bill with friends. Oh, the horror!

“Since none of us had much money at the time we would meet at each other’s houses for dinner, order cheap food, and split the bill,” Bundchen, who is the highest paid model of 2015 with an estimated income of $44 million, recalls. “They became my family away from home and to this day they are dear friends.”

However, Bundchen understands that she now lives a very blessed life, noting that she constantly shares her wealth with her sisters: fraternal twin Patricia, Raquel, Gabriela, Rafaela and Graziela.

“When I did shows and designers would give me clothes, bags and shoes, I would always share with them,” she says. “We shared our entire life and I wasn’t stopping now.”

She adds, “I am grateful that I always had my family to keep me grounded.”