Iggy Azalea Goes on Three-Day Twitter Rant After Being Called ‘Becky’

“don’t ever call me a becky.”

When Beyonce released her sixth studio album Lemonade over the weekend, she sent the internet into an absolute tizzy when she sang about “Becky with the good hair.” Instantly “Becky” was all anyone could talk about, so when a fan called Iggy Azalea “Becky,” in a now-deleted tweet, she wanted to get as far away from the name as possible.

What began as a simple, if not aggressive request completely spiraled when the Beyhive took Azalea’s tweet as a diss towards Beyonce.

The rapper insisted that while she thinks “Becky” is a particularly harmful nickname, she refused to be called anything else but Iggy, even refusing to answer to her birth name Amethyst.

Azalea elaborated, explaining she felt as though being called “Becky” was borderline racist, saying you shouldn’t call anyone of any race by a stereotypical name.

That seemed to be the end of it, until a fan pointed out that the rapper had been “doing so well,” avoiding controversy, and Azalea couldn’t help but respond.

That seemed to be the end of it, right? Not so much. Because even though Azalea made it clear multiple times, she wouldn’t tolerate being called “Becky,” that’s exactly what her fiancé Nick Young did. Which is a really bold move for someone who is still technically recovering from a cheating scandal.

But the rapper wasn’t going to let her NBA star boyfriend off easy. She took the opportunity to humiliate Young and let every know that his inability to spell almost caused him to get a misspelled tattoo on his back that she almost didn’t save him from.

Unfortunately Azalea’s playful humiliation didn’t end the talk of “Becky,” which three days after her initial tweet still seems to be going strong. Will the “don’t ever call me a becky,” saga ever end?