WATCH: Julia Roberts Explains Why Dinner Dates with George Clooney Aren’t Always Enjoyable

George is just so “enormously popular,” you see.

Julia Roberts opened up about her handsome Money Monster co-star George Clooney to Ellen Degeneres yesterday, explaining that being out and about with someone like George (i.e. one of the biggest actors in Hollywood) has its drawbacks.

She said with a laugh,

George is so enormously popular that I don’t always enjoy going out to dinner with him. Because everybody wants to talk to George and I have a tendency when a bunch of us go out to dinner to go home early. I also like to go to bed early. And he always shouts “Quitter” as I am leaving the restaurant.

Roberts also revealed what she thinks about being an alleged member of Taylor Swift’s “squad” (of which Ellen is part of too).

I will say this, when she very sweetly asked if I would go on stage, my oldest son said, because I of course went ‘ugh’ my oldest son said “Mommy You have to do it” and my youngest son said “Mommy only do it if you feel comfortable”

Watch the rest of her interview with Degeneres in the video above to see what Roberts had to say about working on the suspenseful movie and with Clooney and director Jodie Foster on set.

Check out the trailer for Money Monster, in theaters May 13, below: