WATCH: Kelly Rips Jokes About ‘Contract Negotiation’ Tactics in Front of Michael Strahan

Well, that was awkward….

Kelly Ripa is officially back on Live with Kelly and Michael, and even though she insisted on Tuesday “apologies have been made,” she still seems to be harboring a little bit of ill will. During Thursday morning’s episode (Apr. 28, 2016), wildlife expert Peter Gros stopped by with a few exotic animals, including a hissing armadillo.

Shortly after meeting the animal Ripa shrieked, “something just flew off of him and into my mouth!” Gros tried to help, asking if Ripa needed a napkin to which she replied, “No, I just want to take him into contract negotiations with me.” Ripa’s cohost Michael Strahan stood around awkwardly, not seeming to have much to say about her comment, and tried to put the focus back on their hairy friend.

Launch the video up top to see the entire moment.