Police to Investigate Prince’s Death, Search Warrant Issued

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Painkillers Found in Prince's Home
Prescription painkillers were reportedly found in Prince's estate.
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As Prince‘s cause of death continues to remain to remain a mystery, authorities have issued a search warrant for the late singer’s Paisley Park compound as part of the investigation.

According to The Wrap, the Carver County Police Department issued the document on Thursday (Apr. 28, 2016), but its contents will be sealed as “premature disclosure of the details provided in the search warrant and its accompanying documents may compromise this law enforcement investigation by causing the search or related searches to be unsuccessful”

The attorney’s office’s motion also stated “continued intense media scrutiny” as another reason for sealing the warrant and its subsequent results.

The warrant came hot on the heels of news that prescription painkillers were found in Prince’s home at the time of his death. As previously reported, Prince had overdosed on Percocet on his private jet during his final days before EMT responders had to administer a “save shot” after the pilot made an emergency landing to save the music icon’s life.

Prince’s autopsy was complete last Friday, but results are not expected to come in for weeks.

Prince was found dead in an elevator at his Minnesota home on Apr. 21. He was 57.

According to sources, the “Purple Rain” crooner did not leave a will.