The Kardashian Report: Caitlyn Jenner Thanks Donald Trump for Letting Her Use the Women’s Bathroom, Assures Ted Cruz ‘No One Got Molested’

Caitlyn Jenner Speaks Out Against Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bills
Caitlyn Jenner has a few things to say to lawmakers


Caitlyn Jenner has continued to be a vocal member of the Republican party, despite the fact that her chosen political party has done almost nothing to help advance the rights of the LGBT community to which she now belongs. Recently, Jenner applauded Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for not supporting the anti-LGBT bathroom bills many politicians in her party are trying to pass. To show her appreciation, Jenner took a trip to the Trump Hotel to use the bathroom and even threw a little shade at Ted Cruz.

By the graces of Snapchat’s face swap feature and Kim Kardashian’s boredom, we now know what her daughter North West will look like when she’s old enough to compete with Kylie Jenner for the throne of Kardashian social media royalty.