This ‘Toy Story’ Theory About the True Identity of Andy’s Mom Will Give You All of the Feels

You’re going to want to grab some tissues.

For children’s movies, the Toy Story franchise is already pretty heartbreaking. If you couldn’t help but shed a tear when Andy finally parted with his toys before going to college, this latest fan theory might just break you.

When we first met Andy he’s wearing a red cowboy hat to match Woody’s, his favorite toy. Well, this theory leads us to believe that hat has a much deeper history than first meets the eye.

When Jesse is introduced in Toy Story 2, she too has a matching cowgirl hat. She quickly fits in with all of Andy’s toys, but not before telling her heartbreaking story of being given away by her original owner Emily, when she became too old to play with her. During flashbacks, a little girl wearing a red cowgirl hat is seen playing with Jesse in her room decorated with 1960’s posters.

Seeing as Jesse was made in 1950, the groovy posters fit in perfectly with her timeline, meaning her original owner would now, present day, be old enough to be a mother. Is it possible that Jesse’s first owner Emily, is actually Andy’s mom?

We never actually learn Andy’s mother’s name, but it would make total sense for him to get his love of cowboys and a cowboy hat from his mom. That means that even though Jesse actually did find her way home!


Unfortunately, Pixar writer Pete Docter debunked this theory, saying Andy’s mom has a much more interesting background that we may just find out about in Toy Story 4. But until then, we’re going to continue to believe that Emily and Jesse were actually reunited!

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