Beyoncé and Jay Z Ditch Their Wedding Rings

'Lemonade' Review: Beyoncé's Best Album Yet
"I was served lemons, but I made lemonade."

But what does it mean?

When Beyoncé premiered Lemonade over the weekend, for the first 30 minutes viewers were convinced it was an official divorce announcement. Luckily, by the time Sandcastles began, it was clear the worst had passed and Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship is stronger than ever. That fact seemed to be solidified during the opening night of The Formation World Tour, when the singer dedicated “Halo” to her “beautiful husband.” But now a few pictures have some fans worried.

In a few behind the scenes pictures, Beyonce posted to her website, the singer is very clearly without her wedding ring.

Beyonce Wedding Ring

While it seems to make sense that Bey would go without her ring during the concert, just to make sure she doesn’t lose it, Jay Z was also suspiciously without his wedding band.

Before everyone panics, this might not be as suspicious as it looks. As we all know, the couple got the roman numeral four tattooed on their ring fingers to symbolize their relationship. Unfortunately, rumors Beyonce was attempting to remove the tattoo surfaced a few years ago when she was spotted with a band-aid on her ring finger. But just like Lemonade proved their relationship is on the mend, Bey’s tattoo was spotted just a few months ago looking as fresh as ever.

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Hopefully, their naked ring fingers means nothing more than the couple had left their wedding rings sitting on their bathroom counters.

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