Celebuzz’d 010: We Ship Jay Z and Rachael Ray

Add it to the conspiracy theories.

If you’re anything like us, this is your sixth “sick day” off from work in the wake of Beyoncé‘s long-awaited release of Lemonade. You’re permanently stuck to the couch wearing an Ivy Park unitard that still has the tag on it, not because you plan to return it, but because you wore it out of the store to show your block who the biggest Bey in the Hive is.

There’s a dartboard of Piers Morgan’s Daily Mail article hanging in the corner, you might keep re-watching the “Bonnie & Clyde” music video to assuage any doubt in the stability in Her Majesty’s marriage to Jay Z, and you simply cannot help but wonder if Rachael Ray is “Becky with the good hair” after all.

CREDIT: SheKnows.com

This is the Beyoncé album that we never knew we were craving; the pages of her diary ripped out and projected t0 the public, narrating a feature film about betrayal, anger, and forgiveness. Whether the plot’s details are fact, fiction, or an amalgamation of the two, Ms. Carter has arisen to a new level of artistry to share her experiences of heartbreak and being a black woman through visual and aural poetry.

In this tenth episode of Celebuzz’d, our celebrity news podcast, host Mia Lardiere analyzes Beyoncé’s Lemonade with Celebuzz’s Senior Community Manager, Matt Russoniello, and Idolator’s Editor-in-Chief, Robbie Daw. The panel also discusses the death of Prince and his legacy among rock icons of recent passing, such as the Starman himself, David Bowie.

Celebrate Prince influence on weird alternative pop with Idolator’s Silent Shout piece in memoriam, and check out their track-by-track review of Lemonade, here.

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