Did Justin Bieber Compare Himself to God? 

The Biebz caused a firestorm with a recent post, here’s what it said…

Justin Bieber tweeted another pic of himself lounging in bed early Thursday morning. Sounds like an average day, right? Except this image was accompanied with a brief yet potentially inflammatory caption: “And on the 7th day.”

He is referencing the bible? And if so, is he calling himself God?

Genesis 2:2 of the bible says: “And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from his work that he had done.”

Within hours, critics began buzzing; lambasting, defending and explaining Bieber’s reference. So much so, he reposted the photo with a caption defending his use of the scripture.

“I was making a reference, I am not comparing myself to God. I’m the farthest thing from!!!!” he wrote. “It was my way of saying how important rest is.. When there is nothing to pick at me for, you make something out of nothing. But I get it, you need ratings and traction [for] your blogs. But if truthfully you were offended it was in no way shape or form me comparing myself to the most high.”

The pop singer is known for proudly sharing his Christian values on social media, so the reference isn’t surprising, despite the misunderstanding. And his correction was swift and concise. The “Sorry” singer appears to be getting better at handling all these pseudo controversies.

Anyway, get some rest, Justin!