Prince’s Death Investigation Shifts Focus to Possible Drug Overdose

Investigators are working towards finding the cause of Prince’s death by determining whether his early fate was caused by a drug overdose.

The AP reports that law enforcement is looking into whether a doctor was prescribing the late singer drugs in the weeks leading up to his death, in one way, by looking at whether a doctor was on the plane that made an emergency landing in Illinois days prior. They are also investigating to determine which drugs were found on his plane and inside his Minneapolis estate.

Police confirm that Prince was given a “save shot” of Narcan, which is used in suspected opioid overdoses, on the airport tarmac during his plane’s emergency stop. As The Guardian states, “Narcan can be used on people even if an overdose isn’t confirmed because it wouldn’t necessarily be harmful.”

An autopsy has been performed, but the results will not be available for at least three to four weeks. Meanwhile, the assets of his estate will be divided amongst his heirs, including his brothers and sisters, after his sister Tyka filed to commence probate proceedings in the wake of Prince not leaving a will.

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