‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: Jon Snow’s Fate Revealed, For Real This Time

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OMG, OMG! Another shocker of a Game of Thrones episode, but as always, SPOILERS ahead, so proceed at your own peril.

Simply put, Jon Snow lives. We knew it. We knew he couldn’t be dead. The bastard Stark seems too integral to Westeros’ end game, and to have him die by being stabbed Julius-Caesar style just didn’t seem befitting a death for our dear, sweet Jon Snow.

So this is what happened. In Sunday’s episode “Home,” Davos and the rest are still holed up with Jon’s corpse. Don’t get us wrong, he did actually die, so there is a corpse. Anyway, Alliser Thorne and the other Night’s Watchmen conspirators have had enough and want to get in there to kill the rest of Snow’s supporters, who are prepared to fight. But just as they are about to do just that, Eddison and the Wildlings, now loyal to Jon, break through the Castle Black gates (with a giant leading the way) and stop Thorne and his cronies. Yay!


Later, Davos pays a visit to Melisandre, who has that choker back on and is beautiful again. He asks her to bring Jon back from the dead. He’s seen her do some pretty amazing things with magic, so surely, she has the power of resurrection. But the Red Woman is disillusioned because all the visions she saw were lies. Davos doesn’t believe it. “I’m not asking the Lord of Light to help,” he says, “I’m asking a woman I’ve seen perform miracles.”

Melisandre stands over Jon, cleans his wounds and washes away the blood. Then she starts working her magic mojo, cutting bits of his hair and throwing it in the fire, reciting her spells. Over and over. It doesn’t seem to be working. She sadly looks at Davos, who hangs his head, and then they all leave, dejected.

But wait for it… Jon’s dire wolf, who has been asleep on the floor by his master, suddenly wakes up – and as the camera cuts to Snow’s face, lying on the table, his eyes fly open and he gasps for breath. A collective cheer was heard ’round the Internet.

Now, what kind of shape Jon’s in remains to be seen but here’s a few other key things that happened in Sunday’s episode:


— Finally, Bran returns! He’s still in that damn cave with the Three-Eyed Raven, having all kinds of visions and whatnot. In fact, we see him having a vision of his father, Ned, when he was young, jousting with his younger brother. We also see Ned’s sister, Lyanna, and a young Hodor, who actually talks! Hodor’s real name is Willis, and like us, Bran wonders what happens to him to make him Hodor. The Three-Eyed Raven tells Bran it’s not healthy to linger too long in these visions, equating it to drowning. Bran responds, “I wasn’t drowning, I was home.” We’re hoping Bran’s past visions will give us more details about the Starks (and maybe shed light on who Jon Snow’s real parents are).

— In King’s Landing, King Tommen has ordered that his mother stay in the Red Keep and not wander about – even to go to her daughter’s funeral. In the holy place, where Myrcella lies, Jamie and the High Sparrow have words. Jamie reeeeally wants to kill that old dude, but he soon sees that the High Sparrow is heavily protected by his army of followers. Cults are dangerous, but Jamie has to figure out a way to get rid of these guys. Meanwhile, Tommen does as Jamie asks and goes to see his mother to apologize. He tells her he didn’t want the Sparrows to take her away again, and how ashamed he is that he couldn’t protect her or his wife, Margery. He asks his mother for help. Oh, she’s going to help all right.

— In Mereen, things are really falling apart since Dany left, so Tyrion comes up with a plan to let the two dragons in the dungeon go. Tyrion feels like if he releases them, they will in turn remain loyal to him. It’s a risk, for sure. The dragons sneer at him, “I’m here to help, don’t eat the help,” says Tyrion. Then he tells them the story of wanting a dragon as a boy, as he unchains them. They are free at last. But Tyrion does admit to Lord Varys, “Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face.” Let’s see how this works out.


— Back in Braavos, Waif returns to beat Arya with a stick. “Who are you?” Waif asks. “No one. A girl has no name,” says the obedient Ayra. Jaqen H’ghar appears and tries to tempt her into saying her name but she doesn’t fall for it. He takes her back.

— Theon tells Sansa he can’t go with her to Castle Black because he’s too ashamed by all the harm he has brought to her family. She’s willing to forgive him, but he says he must return home, to the Iron Islands. But when he gets there, he’s going to find out his father, the king, has been killed by his brother. And his sister wants to be the new ruler.

— In Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton continues his psychotic, sadistic ways. He kills his father, Roose, right after his new wife bears Roose a son. Ramsay then wants the message sent that the elder Bolton was “poisoned by his enemies.” And then of course Ramsay is also going to kill the wife and baby, too, and not in a nice way whatsoever. We’d rather not go into it, but man, this dude is evil.

Let’s hope karma is a bitch, for several of these characters.