Solange’s Tweet About ‘Rude and Annoying’ Met Gala Attendee Has Everyone Guessing

Solange’s cryptic tweet about one “rude and annoying” fellow Met Gala attendee is nowhere near as sensational and shady as 2014’s #ElevatorGate, but it does have everyone guessing about to whom she’s referring.

She turned heads in her lemonade-yellow gown on the red carpet, and caused a stir on social media with this tweet later in the night around 2 AM:

Now, whoever this “artsy and shit” person is is anyone’s guess. Just like how we never really got any explanation about her attack against Jay Z in the elevator post-2014 Met Ball (beyond that it happened and that they’re “moving forward”), we probably won’t ever know who Bey’s little sis is really subtweeting either.

But at least we’ve got some social media-backed theories. Her fans are speculating that the recipient of the tweet might be Taylor Swift, following this photo of the two in conversation with Beyoncé (though Solange doesn’t look shady in the least): 

Other guesses are (also pop stars) Katy PerryMadonna, Lady Gaga, and Rita Ora (because of course, even though she was all “I’m not Becky” all night long).

On the non-pop star spectrum, perhaps Solange’s tweet was aimed at Jared Leto, or everyone’s go-to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

In any case, fans are thrilled to see Solange calling out anyone at all, no matter who it is: