Demi Lovato Says She Won’t Return to the Met Gala after Nicki Minaj Throw Some Serious Shade Her Way

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On Monday (May. 2, 2016) Demi Lovato attended the Met Gala for the very first time, and it might just be her last. Still riding the Met Gala high, celebs were continued sharing pictures from the event all day Tuesday (May. 3, 2016), including Nicki Minaj. Minaj shared a picture where she posed with designer Jeremy Scott and Lovato, but it seems Minaj believed only Scott was worthy of being tagged in the photo.

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Lovato took the snub personally and took to SnapChat to share her confusion.

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Lovato then took it a step further, sharing another picture with Minaj and Scott, in which the rapper is throwing some serious shade Lovato’s way and declared it would probably be her “last met.”

So far it seems to be a one-way feud (if you can even call it that), seeing as Minaj hasn’t responded to Lovato. Thinking about it now, it was probably all just a big misunderstanding. Unlike most celebrities who use their names as their Instagram handles, Lovato’s is @ddlovato, maybe Minaj just didn’t know who to tag?