Prince Reportedly Planned on Meeting with Addiction Doctor a Day After His Death

Prince was reportedly supposed to meet with addiction doctors from California a day after his untimely death.

According to The Minneapolis Star Tribune, the lawyer for Dr. Howard Kornfeld (an opioid treatment expert at Mill Valley-based Recovery Without Walls), William Mauzy, says Prince’s people were in touch on April 20 seeking help for his “grave medical emergency,” which we now know might be his addiction to painkillers.

According to Mauzy, Kornfeld was unable to travel on April 20 and sent his son and colleague Andrew to Paisley Park in his stead.

“The plan was to quickly evaluate his health and devise a treatment plan. The doctor was planning on a lifesaving mission.”

Andrew Kornfeld allegedly took the red-eye from San Francisco to Minneapolis, and arrived at Paisley Park at 9:30 am to discuss treatment. However, Prince’s representatives were unable to locate the singer. Furthermore, Mauzy reports that it was Andrew who called 911 when Prince was found unresponsive in the elevator because everyone else was too distraught.

The USA Today notes, “This would explain the odd detail from the emergency transcript in which the caller was unable to provide the precise address of Paisley Park.”

Prince’s cause of death has not yet been released. An autopsy was done the day after his death, but the toxicology results aren’t expected for as many as four weeks.

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