Some People Are Saying (Yet Again) That Drake and Rihanna Are Secretly Dating 

An insider says this duo has been going strong on the sly for some time now!

You’ve been shipping them for years, now it appears Drake and Rihanna have “been secretly dating for months,” according to a source with People.

The two musicians performed “Work” together on Wednesday night in Los Angeles and throughout the song, Rihanna reportedly clung to the “Hotline Bling” rapper and happily dancing up on him, and he was clearly enjoying himself! The two apparently partied together in West Hollywood after the show as well and were “being very affectionate,” according to an attendee.

“They have been keeping it a secret because this time around, they want to do it right and keep their relationship private,” the first source revealed.

Well, if this source is telling the truth, then this juicy secret is out!